Thursday, February 23, 2006

YouTube restores the Ninja


Thanks for all of the support and offers. We're back up at Youtube! And it looks like it was just some sort of error that we were swept up in.

Thanks to Micah (who has been working to resolve this since yesterday) and we also just recieved a note from Steve Chen a YouTube founder and the CTO:

i just ran across your blog. sorry about taking your video. it was
a complete accident on our part. we are handed these dmca takedown
notices that we comply with. in this case, the URL takedown list
that we received was over-encompassing and it took down your videos
by accident. my apologies. we have brought back ALL your videos.
if you continue to have problems, please let me know. i'll
personally bring them up again.

All of the offers are amazing. We'll be looking at them in the next few days.

The Ninja, Kent, and Douglas