Monday, February 06, 2006

FAN HACK: Ask A Ninja RSS Widget

Tim made us a widget!

In conjunction with the guys over at Ask A I’ve created an RSS widget for the Yahoo! Widget Engine (Konfabulator) for their site.

Now you can get your Ninja fix straight to your desktop and find out what juicy questions are being asked to the Ninja!

I’m sure he’ll look forward to killing us all soon.


Thanks Tim! I look forward to killing you soon.

ADMIN: Site Problems, New Questions, Seeking Developer

Sorry if the site's been down over the last few days, has been spotty for several hours at a stretch.

We've been getting a lot of questions about how to find the earlier episodes. I hacked together a simple archive of the all the official AaN questions.

A new episode will arrive this Wednesday, and every Wednesday-ish henceforth.

Also, the International Order of Ninjas is also seeking an experienced Drupal developer. If you're interested and qualified, please send us an email.

ASK A NINJA Question Archive

FAN ART: Max's Drawings

Thanks Max!